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Part C

Draft 1

The topic for my first draft is a narrative fiction story. The story is set in the city of  Texas in modern America where two characters named Jack and Steffi are living with their 3 year old son. Jack has a catering business and Steffi works from home and takes care of all the household chores. Both are married for the past 5 years and now after so many years of knowing each other find their relationship in trouble. The reasons are not the present conditions but something from the past. Jack had a past he was involved with another girl when he was in school and they both used to love each other. The relationship lasted full two years and after two years they split up. The reasons for their split were not known to anyone. One fine day Steffi said something to Jack and he threw away his phone down the roof and decided never to call her back again. What they talked about is not known to anyone. Only they both knew it. After sometime there is again a split this time between Jack and Steffi and again the reasons are known to just the two of them. To be able to research and analyze the novel we shall have to understand the various techniques of narrative fiction. Stories can be analyzed through the various literary techniques. The final paper shall deal with the critical analysis of the story through the various elements of fiction. Narrative fiction is defined as any kind of imaginative recreation of life in the form of the prose narrative. All kinds of fiction are primarily a sort of falsehood of facts as it refers to those incidents that never actually happened. Fictional writers aim at the creation of the is called as the “legitimate untruths” as their sole aim is the creation of some meaningful insights into the present human condition. Hence it can be said that fiction is an absolute “untruth” but it is true in the universal sense.

There are different elements of narrative fiction that the writers use while writing fiction. The first one of them is the narrator. Who is the narrator of the story or who is telling the story, whether there is a third person or the story has been told in the first person. Or to put it simply what is the kind of the narrative voice is it Omniscient, limited omniscient, dramatic or objective in manner and so on and so forth.

The second element of narrative fiction is the setting of the story. Where/ under what type of circumstances/ any kind of occurrences of cultural content if there in the book that has helped with the narrative. The third element deals with the plot and the plot structure of the story. There are certain guiding questions as regards the plot structure of the novel? What is happening in the story or the time line of the narrative? The fourth element of the techniques of analyzing a narrative piece of fiction deals with the character or the general characterizations in the story. There are characters, characterizations and the character development in any story. The fifth element of the analysis of a piece of narrative fiction deals with the whole atmosphere of the narrative piece. Atmosphere refers to the dominant feeling or emotion that pervades any story. The atmosphere of the story also refers to the overall emotion that is consistently present in the story. The next element of narrative fiction is the tone of the story. Each story is written in a certain tone and even though atmosphere and tone are written in the same length but they are quite distinct from one another. Tone is the attitude that the narrator has towards his subject. These are the dominant elements of narrative fiction, there are a few other elements of fiction that are critical to the analysis of any type of fiction and they include the style, the imagery, the dialogues spoken by the characters, the intent or the purpose of the author in writing the narrative piece, the elements of irony are some of the other ways through a narrative piece of fiction can be analyzed. The final piece of creative writing shall be building upon the various elements of narrative fiction and how they can contribute in the making of a literary piece of writing. This is the first draft and this draft shall be expanded upon in the second draft.

















2nd Draft

The second draft shall be a continuation of the first draft. It is important to understand that the first draft needs to be expanded upon to be able to analyze the book better and since it is also just a blueprint I am expanding upon the techniques of narrative writing in the second draft. The creative writing topic selected belongs to the fiction genre of writing. My story deals with the topic of the blast from the past which means that there is something from the past that crops up and causes chaos in the lives of two people. It so happens that there is a married couple named Jack and Steffi who live in the suburbs of Texas in the United States of America. The couple has known each other for over nine years and is married for more than five years now. They have a son named Sean who is 3 years old and goes to school. They live in a joint family with Jack’s parents, brother and two other sisters. Steffi has been managing all of the household chores, her son and her own work all together all alone. She is quite a multi tasker but goes through certain mood swings frequently. She’ll be in a good mood at one moment and the other moment she shall be upset over something that she might not know the reasons to. The fact is that she has become frustrated with her life. Doing the same old chores again and again has made her life quite monotonous. Jack on the other hand is struggling with a privately owned catering business. He earns enough to feed his family of three and that’s about it nothing more and nothing less. He is struggling, she is struggling but they are a happy couple except for a few disagreements here and there which is common for all the couples. Everything was running as normal until the entry of another girl whose name was Maddy.  Maddy was Jack’s first love. She studied with him in school and the two of them were in a relationship. However one fine day Jack’s father came to know of the relationship and decided that Jack be sent to the city for higher studies but he could not continue there also as his mind was always wandering. He was not focused and hence that too did not succeed. Jack is more of a failure in everything that he has done of late. He has not been able to build relationships do his work properly.ven when he was sent away to another city he was in constant touch with his love. They made promises to each other to never part away and marry in future. However one fine day something else happened Maddy asked Jack about what his family wants of them and he replied that they want them to leave each other. Maddy said you can try this out and Jack threw away the phone with which he was talking to her on the road. And after that day the two of them never spoke to each other till after a few months he met Steffi. Steffi was a counselor at one of the language learning institutes and Jack used to go there to learn Spanish. They both met each other fell in love and were together for more than 3 years after which they got married. Everything was going well till on Facebook Jack met Maddy. She had seen his profile and sent her a friend request. Steffi saw that friend request and accepted it thinking positively about it. She thought that Jack would be happy to see his ex- girlfriend but slowly feelings began to grow between them and their developed a sort of a fondness for each other. They would talk to each other for hours over the phone or on the various social networking sites. It was this growing relationship between the two which Steffi disliked completely. Previously she had thought that Jack would never do something like this with her ever and will never give a reason to complain but all of it happened and she soon went into depression. She would cry when alone and begin to think of leaving Jack away and going away with her son to another city. The growing fondness had become a huge source of tension between them. One fine day she did decide to leave him. There were so many things which she could not share with her family or Jack’s family as she did not want to give them any kind of tensions. She would bear everything on own and kept getting ill about the whole thing. She had given up all hopes of her relationship getting better. Even though she might be the one feeling all depressed and out but still she is the hero of my story. She is an independent woman who does not compromise with her values and principles and makes her own path and a very successful one for sure. It is after Steffi leaves that Jack begins to feel for her. He tries to recognize his mistakes and cries over them. In the meanwhile Maddy meets someone else in her life and gets married to him. Her chapter is over and now Jack is only left with Steffi or in fact not left with Steffi at all. She too has gone away with her son. It is now that Jack begins to realize that he has acted quite selfishly though. He only thought about himself and no one else. He realizes that he actually has no one left with him. His sisters are married they go away, his brother goes to another city for further studies, the parents too are now old enough and leave for their ancestral village. There is actually no one left behind at home for Jack. When he returns back home everyday after work he realizes his mistakes each and every day. What wrong and how wrong he did. Even though the two of them Jack and Maddy did not have anything serious between them. It was just a sort of a fondness that had grown between them but Steffi a strict loyalist would not bulge into anything short. Jack realizes his mistakes and apologizes to Steffi to return back home with Sean. She does have a soft corner for her and so returns back home after 3 years with her child. She agrees to live with her but there remains a certain thing in her heart that stops her from going. She returns to him but after so many tribulations and issues between them. What we learn from the story is one important fact and that being that we need to respect the relationships that we have and not take them for granted. Always value the relationships as they are the ones that shall stay behind. Another important lesson learnt from this short fiction story is that we must not wander our thoughts, need to remain focused on the job at hand and understand the priorities in life. Priorities are the blueprint for the success of both personal and professional life. The bottom line is, when people are crystal clear about the most important priorities of the organization and team they work with and prioritized their work around those top priorities, not only are they many times more productive, they discover they have the time they need to have a whole life.