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Part 1

Mini Questions and Answers

Everyone must write and there are so many reasons to write. Writing helps an individual in so many different and unique ways. Writing is in my opinion the best form of expression of the feelings and thoughts of an individual. It is through writing that we can master the art of being perfect at expressing oneself. Writing helps to vent out any negative thoughts and energies present in the mind of any individual. Writing helps in a much more constructive development of the individual only if he is in the right company with the right kind of people.

I believe that I only write for myself. I in fact love to write but it is also something that I do not practice very often however much I would want it to become an important part of my life. I do not think that there is any such story which only I can write as there is no dearth of good writers on the planet. There are so many of them who are so good at their work. However yes there is one such kind of writing that only I can write and that is about me and me only. The I in my opinion is the concerned individual who is writing. The person who writes is the I in writing.

Yes it is quite true that the writer’s do have an advantage when writing about something that they have never lived before. The act of writing is a beautiful art in itself as we are able to write on subjects that we have never studied, do not know much about and also wish to study. It is important here to mention that writing is in itself a very diverse field. Since the field is quite a diverse one hence it is all the more important that permission to write will vary as per a set particular boundary. It is not legitimate for anyone to write about anyone without knowing his subject correctly. Hence there are certain restrictions on what to write, on whom to write and also how to write in the best of methods possible.

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